Finding the right Moulding, Rails, or Trim can be a hassle when building or remodeling a home. Building Material Liquidation has you covered!

“Low cost on molding, windows and doors. The big box stores don't have anything on this place.”
Antoine Bolton, Douglasville GA Resident

Since the very beginning of our operation, Building Material Liquidation has been a major supplier of doors, windows, moulding, stairs, hardware, and many more building materials that homeowners and home builders throughout Metro Atlanta and West Georgia need. Whether you’re a contractor, a remodeling expert, or a homeowner with a lengthy list of home building materials you need, Building Material Liquidation in Douglasville, GA is your top choice for Moulding, Rails, Trim, Casing, and more! We stock a wide variety of moulding in-house. We can also order specialty moulding, trim, and more with a relatively short lead time compared to other building material suppliers.

  • Ceiling and Base Moulding
  • Door, and Window Trim
  • General Purpose and Primed MDF Moulding

Wall Moulding

Wall Moulding is one of the most important, of not the most underrated addition to your home’s interior. Crown Moulding, Base Trim, and Chair Rail Moulding can really make an average room pop. On the other hand, without it, a room may never reach its full potential. We stock all standard basic wall moulding In-Stock, (crown, wainscoting, base, etc) including:

  • Base Cap
  • Base Shoe
  • Chair Rail
  • Crown Mould
  • Picture Mould

Door & Window Trim

Building Material Liquidation is your one-stop supplier for all your Moulding, Base, Frame, and Trim needs. We stock many styles of door and window casing and trim in MDF, primed wood, and unfinished wood, just to mention a few. Come check out our selection of Door & Window Trim today!

  • Window Base and Casings
  • Door Base, Frames and Casings
  • Stop Moulding
  • Jams (Split & Flat)
  • Brick Mould

Specialty Moulding

Specialty Moulding is typically special order, though in rare instances we do come across a surplus supply of specialty moulding, trim, panels, casing, or rails. Come see our in-store inventory, or check with our experts for any Specialty Moulding you need! Quick turnaround, great service!

  • Single
  • Handrail
  • Panel Mould
  • Backband
  • Bar Rails