For great deals on high-quality surplus windows, nobody beats Building Material Liquidation in Douglasville, GA! Come check out our selection!

“This place is great if you need doors or windows. Prices are great, and the employees are knowledgeable and a great help.”
Delayne Eriquezzo, Douglasville Resident

Building Material Liquidation carries an outstanding supply of long-lasting, affordable, high-quality surplus and overstocked windows from major suppliers. We carry plenty of Low-E glass, vinyl windows that are equipped with more insulation, therefore leading to lower energy costs. We also carry other specialty windows. Come check out our inventory!


Vinyl Windows

Our impressive supply of surplus and overstocked vinyl windows gives the appearance of authentic wood windows, but will last exponentially longer than wood, with much less upkeep. You also don’t have to sand, paint, or stain vinyl windows like you would wooden windows. Our standard vinyl windows come ready to use at your home! Come check out our supply!

Bath Windows

Building Material Liquidation keeps a healthy stock of your favorite Bath Windows for any area needing privacy with natural light.


Specialty Windows

In special cases, Building Material Liquidation keeps specialty windows in stock. But regardless of what we have in our in-store inventory, we can special order many different styles of specialty windows, and get those in quickly for you. We don’t always stock wooden windows, but we can order them. We can get specialty windows for to fit all your needs for Single Windows, Twin Windows, Triple Windows, Transom Windows, Sashes, and other Geometric Shape windows you want for your home!